Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting YM to bathe

Jennifer noticed a horrible smell coming from YM this evening and it took several rallys from both us us to finally get him into the shower to wash off. I never got too close to smell him, but sheesh, I know it is embarrassing YM, but denial isn't going to get you anywhere.
I thought he was made at me for interrupting his hours long run of playing on the computer in his room, but maybe he was embarrassed about being told that he smells.
Anyway, fun fun!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Driving me CRAZY!

This morning I got mad a Yerachmiel for breaking the upstairs sliding door. (I was also even madder for his breaking his bedroom door the night before). Anyway, I said "retarded children" and YM responded with a quiet "shut-up". Before anything could escalate, I went downstairs to get my coat on. When I came back, I heard Jennifer say "owww!". What happened? "You are not going to Elijahs now" she said. "He threw a book at me!" Mind you it was a little light weight children's board book (an excuse YM would use to justify his behaviour. 'It was just a little book. It didn't hurt you.') So I was definitely pissed at YM.
Later in the afternoon, wanting to diffuse any animosity I felt toward YM, I tried to indulge him and let him push Gavriel Zev to shul in the carriage. It drove me CRAZY because for the entire 15 minute trip, YM was mooning and making endless comic faces at GZ, trying to capture literally 100% of GZ's attention. The baby would laugh one or two times, but I could see him staring off in the distance, ignoring YM most of the time. But that didn't matter. When the funny faces and broad smiles weren't working, YM would then do stop and start games with the carriage and even little tipping the carriage danger jokes with the baby, that I am positive went right of the baby's head. I did have to tell YM to please walk the carriage beside me at my even pace to the shul. And just as I was about to yank the carriage away from YM, I'd tell myself, 'be patient, let YM have his moment with the baby'. And then YM would start again with the same superficial, meaningless mugging faces again. And the baby was totally ignoring him. I was just shaking my head. YM just does not know how to relate to the baby.

Anyway, on the walk home with Bubby and hour and some later, YM was again starting up with mugging and silly twists and turns with the carriage. As he was talking to Bubby, he didn't notice that he was steering the carriage towards some bumpy snow-ice. When he did notice, it looked like he was going to ram on over the ice in a little game of bumpy ride with the carriage, but then I just couldn't take it anymore (and the thought of walking all the way home with this exhauting game of watching YM to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid with the baby).
So I said "Stop Yerachmiel, I don't want you to play any more games with the carriage!", and took the carriage away from him.
Of course he had a retort. He has a retort for every single thing. Annoying.
("Bubby was in the way and I couldn't go around the ice!" is pretty much was he said. His retorts also put the blame on someone else, without fail)