Sunday, March 6, 2011


One time Princess Heather and Princess Isabelle were just playing in Princess Heather's bedroom, when all of a sudden a wicked witch came in the window and offered the girls a drink from her poisoned glass of water.
Princess Heather said, "Sure, I'm pretty thirsty right now," and she took a big gulp. Glug glug glug.
Princess Isabelle was a little dubious about drinking anything offered from such a wicked looking witch, but since Princess Heather drank it, then she would also. Glug glug glug.
Once they both drank the poisoned water, they both instantly lost all their memories and forgot everything they ever knew in their lives.
The witch went back out the window cackling evilly and went away.
Princess Heather looked at her friend and said, "Say, who are you?"
"Hmmm, I was just about to ask that same question!" replied Princess Isabelle.
"Wow, what a coincidence, we should be best friends!" Princess Heather offered.
"Okay, that sounds like a great idea!" Princess Isabelle agreed.
So the two new friends walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where the King and Queen were just having some morning coffee.
"Good morning Princess Heather, good morning Princess Isabelle!" said the King proudly.
"Who is he talking to?" Princess Heather asked her friend.
"I think he means us," Princess Isabelle said, "we must be real Princesses!"
"We ARE?" Princess Heather yelled.
And then they both jumped up and down for joy at the idea that they were real Princesses.
"What's with you girls today?" the Queen wondered quizzically.
"What's with us? You mean, what is this room?"Princess Heather asked, "and why is there food all over the place?"
"Uh, because this is the... kitchen!" the King answered hesitantly.
"Kitchen? What a weird word," Princess Isabelle laughed.
Princess Heather went over to the refrigerator and opened the door.
"What is this box thing and why is it so cold inside?" Princess Heather frowning as she slammed it shut.
"It's called a... refrigerator!" the King answered even less uncertain now.
Princess Isabelle ran to the window and pointed up at the sky.
"Hey, what's all that blue stuff up there, it's pretty, "Princess Isabelle yelled with new found joy.
"Um, that's the sky," the King answered truly confused.
"I think something is wrong with the girls, " the Queen said
"I'll call the doctor," the King groaned.
Five minutes later the doctor arrived slightly out of breath.
"I must first examine the girls to see what is the problem," the doctor said.
"Stick out your tongue," he said to Princess Heather.
"What's a tongue?" she asked.
"This thing right here," the doctor demonstrated sticking out his tongue, "sthithk out yurrr tongue-cke like dissss!"
"Ahhh" said Princess Heather sticking out her tongue.
"Okay, you Princess Isabelle," the doctor turned to the other girl," put both thumbs in your ears and wiggle your fingers like this.
Princess Isabelle did it and so did Princess Heather. Then they laughed.
"Stop laughing!" the doctor ordered, "Medicine is serious business!"
"So doctor," the Queen wondered," what is wrong with them?"
"It's obvious," he replied," they have completely lost their memories. Perhaps they both drank water from a witch's glass, yes girls, is that what happened?"
"I don't remember," said Princess Heather.
"Neither do I," added Princess Isabelle.
"Anyway, what can we do about this terrible problem, doctor?" asked the King.
"Have them drink a glass of milk," the doctor said simply, "the chemicals of the milk will nullify any magic the witch's poison water had on them."
"Quick, someone get me two glasses of milk for the Princesses!" the King screamed.
In moments, the kitchen staff brought two perfect glasses of milk and presented them before the two Princess'.
"Here girls," the doctor said proudly, "drink this and you will be cured instantly!"
"Ewww, I'm not drinking that!" Princess Heather shouted, "who drinks a weird white liquid? That's so weird!"
"Yeah, that's strange!" Princess Isabelle agreed.
"But it's just milk!" the doctor sputtered.
"No way," said Princess Heather.
"Yeah, no way," Princess Isabelle concurred.
"What do we do?" the King panicked.
"No need to worry," the doctor confided, "just give them the milk in another form that they will ingest."
"Like what," asked the King.
"How about pancakes?" the Queen offered.
"Hey, that's a good idea," the King said excitedly, "especially if they have blueberries in them, which are Princess Heathers favorite pancake!"
So ten minutes later, the kitchen staff brought out a big stack of pancakes.
"Here girls," said the King with great relish, "eat some of these delicious blueberry pancakes and you will regain your lost memory!"
"Ewww, why are you pouring that brown liquid onto those little round brown things,"Princess Heather asked, "that looks so terrible!"
"And what are those little blue things in the middle," Princess Isabelle asked, " I refuse to eat it!"
"But that is maple syrup I'm pouring onto the blueberry pancakes and, and..." the King started, " oh no, not again!"
"Can we somehow make the food look more palatible?" asked the doctor.
"How? By covering it with chocolate?" the King replied in desperation.
"Why not?" said the doctor.
Fifteen minutes later, the kitchen staff brought in some flat, chocolate covered pancakes and placed them in front of the Princess'.
"Ewwwww," they both cried, " no one eats brown gooey blobs, do they?"
"Oh no, what are we going to do?" the King was apoplectic.
"I have no more ideas, sorry Mr. King," and the doctor sulked away.
"Girls, girls," said the Queen," at least try a taste of the chocolate. You might like it!"
Both girls took a chocolate covered Blueberry pancake, closed their eyes tight and took one little lick of the yummy chocolate.
"Hey, we like it!" they both smiled.
And suddenly their memories returned and all was well in the Kingdom once again.
The End.