Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Parsha of the Week: Vayechi

parshas vayechi 5772
The Midrash Says:  Yaacov prophesied, "Dan will provide a judge as great as the leaders of Yehuda!"   Yaacov was referring to the Judge Shimshon.  (Samson)
Yaacov continued by describing Shimshon's life.  He prophesied,"I foresee the deeds of the Judge Shimshon who may be likened to a serpent:
- Just as a snake is vindictive, so will Shimshon take revenge upon the Pelishtim.
- Snakes do not charge the enemy on a swarm, but each snake attacks individually.  So will Shimshon kill the Pelishtim single-handedly.
- Just as the power of the snake lies in its head, so will Shimshon'sstrength emanate from his head.  He will slay the enemy with the power of his nezirus (his being a nazarite) for which he let the hair of his head grow wild.