Saturday, May 2, 2009

Complainers Inc.

A lot of complaining going on today.
  • As I was bringing up the bagels from the freezer, ECH icely commented, "great, now they will take hours to defrost!" Wow, I thought, she sounded just like her mother.
  • Naomi now cannot wait to get her candy in shul once we get there and complains a little about waiting until it is time to go get it.
  • YM yanks ECH's hair and chases after her when she runs off to her room. Then he gets all indignant because he thought I was unfairly accusing him of harrassing ECH when he claims he "ran after her to apologize".
  • GZ did not like being picked up and carried to the diaper changing area today.
  • I said to J that "there was so much complaining here today" and she said "yeah, and it's all coming from you!" which confused me because I thought I was not at all complaining that much lately. Then later, I just figured she was just replying with the same kind of weak replies YM gives me after I quietly tell him to stop yelling. "NO, YOU STOP YELLING!!!"
  • But was I also complaining a lot lately?? I thought I was not, but J did notice how short tempered I was with the kids today, so maybe yeah, I too am one of those annoying complainers!

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