Monday, September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur with kids

YM started off by running off at the first opportunity to play cards with his buddies, but after I went all 'acsertive on him', he was a star davener at shul for the really long services.
J mentioned my previous theory that YM is extremely docile when not eating (wheat or especially dairy).
ECH also davened well, though I swear I saw her for one and a half minutes this whole weekend!
Naomi was a darling, acting all independant by sending me off after I visited her in her kindergarten shul program. But later she admitted that she needed help wiping after Alison brought her to the bathroom.
GZ was charming, burbling his simple words like "open" or "empty" during the super serious Birchat Kohanim davening.

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