Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whizzing in the Park

At the park on Shabbos, my two year old Gavriel Zev came up to me saying, "I want to go home."

For him that is code for "I want to go home, in order that I may make use the bathroom facilities". Instead, I thought it would be better to go behind the little shack in the middle of the park. It's private and convenient (for me).

So I carefully removed his shorts and underpants and positioned him carefully so he wouldn't drip on himself in any way. Then just as the pee started, my tie somehow jumped in the way, right in line of where GZ was pointing. Suddenly I had a big, unexplainable wet spot at the bottom of my tie.

What was I going to do now?

For the next hour half I went off to play with GZ with my back turned towards the other parents in the park. By then the Sun had naturally dried the dark, wet spot to a hardly noticable faintness.

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