Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Stories on the Spot

Already Naomi has grown tired of the dozen or so stories of Princess Heather and her cat Camomile and has been begging for stories about my life before she was born. (Gavriel Zev, being only three still likes the simple versions of the Princess Heather stories I tell him that usually involve someone either eating too much or someone falling into something icky.)
A couple of the stories for Naomi have been short, plotless affairs, such as how we picked out her name when she was born. (I picked the Naomi part and Jennifer picked the Rivka part) or high drama, such as how Naomi was unexpectedly born in our apartment and then fifteen minutes later I was alone with her on the sofa holding a fragile new baby, yikes!
I have to admit, I do miss telling Camomile stories. I've got a good one ready to go about how she stops a couple evil witches from casting the Sleeping Beauty spell on the entire kingdom in order to steal all the children, even our precious Princess Heather and her friend, Princess Isabelle.
The ending for it is classic!

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