Friday, November 18, 2011

Parshah of the Week: Chayei Sarah

parshah chayei sarah 23_1 

From The Midrash Says:
Satan, frustrated because he had failed to achieve victory over either Avraham or Yitzchak, appeared to Sara.  "Where is Yitzchak?" he asked her.
"He left with his father to study the laws of sacrifices" answered Sara.
"That is not true;  Yitzchak himself is the sacrifice!" Satan contracted.
"I don't believe you!" exclaimed Sara.
Even though Sara tried not to believe Satan, she was somewhat affected by his words.  She therefore left her house and hurried to the abode of Achiman, Shaishai and Talmai, three giants who lived in Chevron, requesting, "Please look into the distance as far as you can see.  Do you notice anywhere an old man accompanied by his son and two servants?"

Corresponding to Sara's six screams, we are commanded to blow six tekiyos - uninterrupted shofar sounds - on Rosh Hashanah.

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