Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Biking in the snow

As usual, during the half-awake first hour of the morning, YM put on the tantrum pressure of wanting to take his bike to school today. My rule is that the temperature has to be above zero to ride his bike. So when YM said the temp was 3 above, I said "sure, take your bike" without checking first, because I wanted him out the door. (He was again late for school and I didn't want to make him later). Five minutes after he left, it started snowing like a madman and now I feel guilty for letting him go with checking first. Jennifer thinks this was all a passive response on my part, just another sign that I am weak-willed, which she is thrilled about.
So fine, from now on I won't let him bike unless I am absolutely sure the weather is good, and I will be making sure he gets out of bed every morning at 6:30 sharp.
(I was so tired this morning...) I was just so peeved this morning about everything. That is because everything I tried to do seemed to backfire on me. Argh. I am calmer now that I've had lunch (and a Starbucks Mocha drink. This is the second time I have bought it, from a convenience store, and now I feel so buzzed. My arms tingle.)
Anyways, I've been thinking about ways to get YM out of bed, seeing as his alarm clock is completely useless. I've sat and watched him snore away as I placed his buzzing alarm clock, not beside his ear, but literally 'on top of his ear', to absolutely no effect. I wonder if there are special alarm clocks for people like YM? I've thought about blow horns and electric cattle prods.

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