Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids climbing into bed at night

Naomi has been climbing out of bed at night and crawling into my bed to cuddle. Last night she cosies up at around 2 AM. I sat there for a minute thinking about how Jennifer said that kids who crawl into their parents beds can be a very dangerous thing, it's such a bad habit. My choices at that moment were to lie there, letting Naomi fall asleep and snore away enough that J would hear it and be pissed that I let a child sleep in our room, or bring her back to her own bed. (I don't really like sleeping beside Naomi mainly because she fidgets like a madman.)
So I picked her up and tucked her into her own beddie, saying "night, night" and all that. Naomi said that she was scared and I told her not to worry because I was right next door. Then I put the child safety gate on her door frame and made a dash for it back to bed, with J none the wiser.
Tonight after putting her to bed, I automatically put the safety gate on when I left.

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