Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Odours

Last week, J and I noticed a perfume smell coming off of YM, so J asked him if he was wearing a deoderant. He said no, which was true, because he technically was not wearing any deoderant, so therefore I'm sure he thought he was telling the truth. I smelled him a little closer and asked him if he put anything on, like a new soap. (This was my mistake, giving him something he could deny and still think he was being honest). Then he clammed up and we knew he would never volunteer the information, so we dropped the subject.
Yesterday on my way to pick up his thrown jacket on the darken stairway, I went through his pockets to check on how many chocolate bar wrappers I could find. (Two) Inside one outer pocket was a small, travel sized can of body spray called Xon or Zon. (Something like that) I took a whiff and realized what we were smelling last week.
So my question is why couldn't he just admit he was wearing that spray. Why so evasive? Embarrassment?

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