Saturday, March 21, 2009

Worst 'YM at shul' nightmare comes true

You know, I have some many hopes for YM as his is growing up. Right now he is going through that irritating early teen year thing (I was going to say awkward teenage years, but YM somehow does not apply to that category) and so at times I see some nice maturity every now and again.
Sitting at shul, I sometimes imagine the worst thing I could see him doing there, which would be running around with a ball with a passel of ten year old boys. I then imagine he knocks out a window somewhere and then I have Richard Bassett talking to me about not letting YM in the shul anymore unescorted.
Anyway, that worst nightmare didn't really come completely true, as I suggest in the title of this blog, but I was downstairs this morning davening Mussav when I saw YM run down the hallway, followed by literally a gang of nine and ten year old boys.
"WHAT???" I sputtered, "Yerachmiel!" I called after him. I could not believe it.
A minute later, when Mussav was done, I ran after him, into the Social Hall, to see him looking around for a ball to play with.
"What?" again.
Then the group leader came in and told all the kids to head back up to the play room. As it turned out, YM was supposedly helping the leader organize a game upstairs for the nine and ten year olds. But I am sure that he was in his glory, playing at the maturity level he really was at, that being analogous to this group of boys playing ball.
Anyway, he ran off upstairs with the others and I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't have to talk with Richard about a broken window later.

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