Monday, February 28, 2011

Viola and the magical wish making piano

(this is a story that i'd forgotten that i had written)

One day, the King and Queen asked Princess Viola to help them pick the nicest princess in the whole Kingdom. Because Viola had a magic piano that could grant any wish, they decided to hold a contest to see which princess had the nicest wish and then she would be granted that wish.

So all the princess were asked to write their wishes on a piece of paper and then put it into a large glass bowl. Viola pulled out the first wish and read it:

“My name is Princess Jill and I wish for a really big mirror to look at myself in. I’ve already got a small mirror but I want a really BIG ONE to look at myself with!”

Next Viola read: “My name is Princess Slumber and I would like a giant bed to sleep in all day long!”

Next: “My name is Princess Hilly and I would like a new dog named Billy. I already have a dog named Bob, so when I call them I would say “BILLY BOB, come here!”

Next: “My name is Princess Penny and I would like a pencil and piece of paper. I might draw on it or I might do nothing with it!”

Next: >My name is Princess Chewy and I would like half a chocolate bar.”

Next: “ My name is Princess Merry and I would like to go to bed now.”

Next ; “My name is Princess Olivia and I wish my lost cat Snuggles would come home.”

So Viola pulled out her magic piano and played the magic song that makes wishes come true –

“Oh Susanna, oh won’t you cry from me, well I come from Alabam-y with a banjo on my knee.”


The cat reappears and Princess Olivia asks Snuggles “where were you?”

“What, you were sleeping in the kitchen this whole time? Argh.:

(The end and much revision is needed here)

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