Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am so relieved that the baby bottle Orit lent us actually satifies Gavriel's need for nummies. With Jennifer in the hospital, getting him calm first thing in the morning was tricky today.
Naomi has been yelling her head off today, so I've had to rein her in a bit.
YM is agreeable and accommodating. What a welcome change. I tend to want to jump on him about stuff that he does that bothers me, but I am trying to take astep back and imagine what I would do if I were a nice person. Then I do that thing. It seems to work.
ECH, is a smart-mouth, self-centered 12 year old. Argh. "I need $55 tomorrow for school or I can't go to the _______" What a pain.
Jennifer called to say the operation must have went well. She blacked out and missed it all. She is resting and content.
Zaidy called from the hospital and finally got to talk to a real person instead of voicemail the last two times. He said he would be out of there on Friday. Same as Jennifer. Time for a reunion?
Called home and talked to Dad about cancer. He has a hernia, but the doctors there won't operate because apparently that type of operation will kill him right away. Gak! How much time does my Dad have left anyway????

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