Thursday, December 11, 2008

What does a lion say?

J is home, resting (sleeping) this afternoon, along with the two Littles.
GZ has never been so happy to get his nummies back and Naomi didn't want to leave the house (and be out of sight of Mommy) even to go across the street to Mrs. Vivki's class.
Tonight is Pizza night!!!!
Supper's this week have been easy, thanks to Orit on Monday for the Chili and to J's frum friend last night for the chicken/beef/potato dinner. I only slaughtered some Gnocci on Tuesday night. How can someone ruin gnocci? Like, I am a really great cook usually. It's these time sensitive cooking that gets me, especially when I am taking care of two babies.
Gavriel now growls whenever you ask him what a lion says.

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