Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The kidz are alright

Spent two or three glorious hours sleeping last night with a coughing GZ and a fidgety Naomi Rivka with her earache. Then later at work today, almost fell asleep driving on the 403.
YM went on and on about how he wants to go to another school, a more normal school with kids his own age. I asked if he hung around his old classmates at shul, to sort of see how he relates to kids who really are his age, and he was lying when he said he did. He'd rather play ball with his ten year old buddies. Relating to other 14 year olds, forget it.
ECH's teacher called and told J how she is messing up at school. J suggests that she be cut off from non-academic activities for awhile.
What a day to be a parent.

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