Monday, April 27, 2009

Great definition for YM

From an excerpt from "eternity" by Michael Hanlon:
The Cambridge neuroscientist Simon Baron-Cohen (Sasha's father?) has described a new form of what biologists call assortive mating taking place in humans, namely that bright, successful men are choosing bright, successful women to be their partners. The alpha male no longer wants a dumb blonde; he wants an alpha female on his arm, someone attractive, certainly, but also educated at least to his level...
... this may be leading to problems. One such could be the rise in autism seen in so many countries in the last 30 years. This condition can be characterised by a sense of 'extreme male-brain-ness'. He believes that people characterised as 'autistic spectrum' are, in effect, hypermales, extreme systemisers, who in milder variants are good at lists, fact-checking, seeing linear relationships and putting the Universe into boxes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post-Pesach recouperation

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, i am too lazy to write about it all. Instead, I'll just point form the highlights:
  • ECH is always complaining about about how messy things are in this house, yet whenever she takes a shower, she leaves the bathroom looking like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina
  • YM literally left NR sitting in a carriage, unattended in the Hershey store in Niagara Falls, then got all mad because... (I don't even know the because, but I do know that it is somehow our fault)
  • NR tries to be bossy and won't budge from her demands.
  • GZ is cute. I like how he says "Abba" and "Amma!" He will occasionally repeat a word like "UP" or "CAT" if you get him in the right mood.
  • Jennifer survived Pesach and I think she is a very nice person lately.
  • Ted (me) am mellower than I thought I would be. I made more of an effort to enjoy this holiday despite having to clean the fricken house for three and a half weeks straight. I think the kids went hairy this year, while Jennifer and I learned to not get worked up too much.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pesach preparations

Like last year and the year before...
  • J gets anxious and starts lecturing everyone
  • YM exemplifies the term "work to rule"
  • ECH takes everything personally and tells everyone to leave her alone
  • NR vyes for attention by acting baby-ish
  • GZ sleeps badly during the day and grows impatient with everyone
  • Ted tries (and fails sometimes) to not get angry at anyone because that would cancel out the mitzvah of the whole Pesach cleaning process