Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking and Talking

GZ was walking back and forth from the sofa to me (aabout five steps away) at Bubbi's house today. And talking! "ABBA, ABBA" he screamed. He was also good at telling me he wanted water, or more pasta, or whatever, at the dinner table today. What to go, Gavriel Zev!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

GZ dream

Dreamt that GZ was walking around my old neighbourhood in Ottawa. The highlight was his first attempt at running across the neighbours lawn and driveway.

More steps...

GZ's big trick today was to walk at few steps toward his mother and me at Bubbi's diningroom table. After he did his two or three or four steps, he'd sort of collapse on you and then clap at his success in not falling down.
Speaking of 'down', his big talking trick this week is to say "UP, down, UP, down", usually pointing in the appropriate direction each time.
Also, this morning I walked down the hallway, past GZ sitting on the floor in front of his bookshelf reading his kiddie books, singing "EE-II-EE-II-OO"!!! Guess he was reading a book about farm animals.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Complainers Inc.

A lot of complaining going on today.
  • As I was bringing up the bagels from the freezer, ECH icely commented, "great, now they will take hours to defrost!" Wow, I thought, she sounded just like her mother.
  • Naomi now cannot wait to get her candy in shul once we get there and complains a little about waiting until it is time to go get it.
  • YM yanks ECH's hair and chases after her when she runs off to her room. Then he gets all indignant because he thought I was unfairly accusing him of harrassing ECH when he claims he "ran after her to apologize".
  • GZ did not like being picked up and carried to the diaper changing area today.
  • I said to J that "there was so much complaining here today" and she said "yeah, and it's all coming from you!" which confused me because I thought I was not at all complaining that much lately. Then later, I just figured she was just replying with the same kind of weak replies YM gives me after I quietly tell him to stop yelling. "NO, YOU STOP YELLING!!!"
  • But was I also complaining a lot lately?? I thought I was not, but J did notice how short tempered I was with the kids today, so maybe yeah, I too am one of those annoying complainers!

Five steps today!

At shul, Gavriel Zev took five steps, walking towards his Momma in the shul's carpeted Social Hall today. Then he sat down and we all clapped at his acheivement.