Monday, September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur with kids

YM started off by running off at the first opportunity to play cards with his buddies, but after I went all 'acsertive on him', he was a star davener at shul for the really long services.
J mentioned my previous theory that YM is extremely docile when not eating (wheat or especially dairy).
ECH also davened well, though I swear I saw her for one and a half minutes this whole weekend!
Naomi was a darling, acting all independant by sending me off after I visited her in her kindergarten shul program. But later she admitted that she needed help wiping after Alison brought her to the bathroom.
GZ was charming, burbling his simple words like "open" or "empty" during the super serious Birchat Kohanim davening.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My resolution for Rosh Hashanah self-improvement is to start out small and work up to bigger things. My first task is to stop biting my fingernails, followed by a better sleeping schedule, followed by better eating, etc.
So far, my nails are growing in again and now I can scratch things again!!!
One nail, the pinkie of my left hand almost got bent and torn off, so I really have to ignore that one, until I can trim it into something more reasonable.
This is me starting off small. Man.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New this week!

GZ has learned how to 'jump' this week and will do so on the slightest provocation.
Naomi is getting much better at dressing herself in the morning, even to the point of picking out co-ordinated and creative outfits.
Elisheva is making less of a mess when she has breakfast in the morning. Even though her dishes still don't make it to the sink, she now leaves a neat pile on the table that can easily be brought there.
Yerachmiel is now regularly leaving the house at quarter after seven in the morning to get to school for 7:30. I think it is a 20 minute bike ride at least, but he says he gets there on time every morning.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GZ's great day

Today GZ has been doing great with the potty thing.
Naomi has taught him a few phrases this week, like she will say "Doctor Israel" (the name of our new neighbour lady) and Gavriel Zev will shout as loud as he can "DOOCC-TOORR EE-UU-AAAL"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alarm Clocks

YM now has two alarm clocks beside his bed to wake him in the morning. One regular digital clock and one battery powered clock that has two clanging bells on top.
Just ten minutes ago, I snuck into YM's room and moved the clocks just out of reach on to his desk, so that he'll have to get out of bed to turn them off.
I hope that is enough to wake him up!

Ghakkie Time!

Gavriel Zev has a word that sort of sounds like "Ghakkie" that started out as being his word for 'kakkie' (poop) but also applies to a variety of other similarly sounding words.
Sometimes he says 'ghakkie' if he wants a cookie, or if he sees a doggie.
This morning he said 'ghakkie' because he wanted some of Jennifer's coffee.
He also tries to say Ghakkie Mouse when he says the Disney cartoon.
So, you've really got to make sure what he is talking about otherwise you might find a smelly surprise on the floor. (I forgot to mention that we've been toilet training him by letting him walk around without a diaper or underpants)

What are we wearing today

Naomi dressed herself today. She is wearing her yellow flower dress and blue socks on the bottom and purple hairband on the top.
Gavriel Zev is wearing a navy shirt only. No bottoms.
YM is wearing his white shirt and black suit for school.
ECH is sleeping still.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No more complaints

I'm so sick of bitching about the kids.
From now on I am only going to write really nice things about them only.
Starting now.