Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mr. Communication

I love how much more communitive GZ is these days!!!
"Do you want a drink?"
"What kind of a drink?"
"Jewwwwssss" and does the sign gesture for juice.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waking YM

I am so happy Jennifer bought that door alarm that is set up in YM's room.
Now, instead of shlepping all the way downstairs to wake him, I can just tap out the Beatles song "Good Morning, Good Morning" ever so tunelessly on the buzzer. Nice.

Oh yeah, I told YM I thought he was lying about davening at shul Friday night and he got sooooo offended that I called him a "LIAR!" What would you think if someone disappeared right at the beginning of L'Chah Dodi and didn't return until Adon Olam? I even looked through the whole building for him and could not find him. Did he really daven at the other end of the shul while my back was turned towards the east? I did look around the room and did not see him, so I say, no fricken way!
With Mr. Revisionist History, he could have already by now convinced himself that he did indeed daven and I was wrong and therefore way out of line for even questioning him about it.

At shul Saturday, he made every effort to prove how devoted to davening he really is by staying well into Mussaf before leaving. Usually he takes off at 10:00 something o'clock. (He actually did take off before 10:00, but I went upstairs to the Grade 4 to 6 room and found him in his typical shul pose. Standing there with a ball. I walked him easilyback downstairs by mollifying him saying I wouldn't call him a liar anymore. I never got into the issue as to whether I thought he was lying or not, just that I wouldn't say so to his face, which satisfied him.
So he came back down and stayed for quite a while.
I have shortened his leash a bit more at shul.
What a drag.

That afternoon he had no qualms about calling his mother a LIAR for not playing the card game he thought she promised to play with him. (J said she would 'look' at the game).
The thing that kills me is that he has no problem with it.
In his mind, he is in the right for calling other people a liar, but horribly offended if anyone calls him that same label.

So self-righteous. It's more of a mockery of self-righteousness. It's hyper-self-righteousness, much like his hyper-machoism.

The summer break from Blogging

I like how Gavriel Zev nods his head to say yes, or shakes it to say no.
So cute.
Or how when I ask, "who likes bananas?", he'll shout out "MEEEE!!!"
Or how he'll sign and try to say "book!" because he wants to read while I change his diaper.
Lately, he's been saying more two syllable words like "squirrel" or "airplane".
His speech is accelerating so much.