Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adventure Stories for Naomi

Today Princess Heather's beige cat Camomile makes her first appearance. We begin with Camomile wandering the halls of the castle, bored and with nothing to do. So she ends up in her cat bed and starts falling asleep. The End. Then she hears a huge BANG outside. She runs to look outside the window and sees a 20 foot tall Ogre smashing his way into the castle with his big club.
Camomile races downstairs to see the Ogre smashing and crashing into the kitchen. She peers in quietly to see the Ogre eating all the food. Camomile knows that if she makes one little sound, then the Ogre will eat her too!
"Helloooo, I'm home!" shouts Princess Heather from the front door and just returning from Princess School. Camomile slowly backs away from the kitchen.
"Hey, can ANYONE hear me" yells Princess Heather.
Camomile turns to warn Princess Heather. She sees the Ogre turn his head curiously and say "Huh?"
Camomile races down the hall and jumps into Princess Heather's arms and says "Meow, meow, meow, MMEEEEowwww!"
"Oh hi Camomile! I'm glad to see you too!" says Princess Heather.
"Meow meow meow MEOW MEOW MEEEEEOWWWW!" Camomile tries to warn about the Ogre.
"Yes, I know you missed me today!"
Suddenly the Ogre smashes into the room.
"Arggghhhh!" he yells.
"Ahhhhhhhh!" yells Princess Heather and both she and Camomile run off outside the castle door.
The Ogre chases after them and starts to catch up to them.
At this point I remind Namoi that Ogre's are terrible swimmers and that if they fall into water, they could easily drown.
Both Princess Heather and Camomile head to the backyard where the pool is. The Ogre by this time is only five feet behind them and closing.
Then as Princess Heather dives into a bush, Camomile leaps up onto the diving board and jumps high into the air. The Ogre follows after the airborne cat and unable to stop his momentum, falls right into the pool of water. Camomile lands safely on the other side, while the Ogre slowly sinks into the water.
The King and Queen come out from wherever they had been this whole time and summon the Court Magician to make the Ogre disappear before he drowns. The Magician sprinkles some magic dust and the Ogre fades away, only to reappear at the far, far end of the Great Forest. (It would take 500 years for the Ogre to walk all the way back).
Princess Heather tells how Camomile had saved her life and rewards her with a new cat bed and a big warm hug.
The real End.